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2016-03-30 18:32:13
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Much like what Gadamer says in Truth and Method. Much of what we know results from sensus communis--stuff you understand because you've lived in human communities for a long time.
2013-05-14 08:38:46
NewAlbrecht's revision:
The holding, comprising stock and derivatives
2013-03-06 16:50:08
NewAlbrecht's comment:
At least Dick Cheney knows where he stands: a man who traded his honor.
2013-02-22 17:04:59
NewAlbrecht's comment:
I don't accept the "belie" usage here. They're looking for undermine, which is a different word.
2013-01-30 00:58:01
lyndonwong's revision:
I found it much easier to use EngineYard's rails installer, freely distributed at http://railsinstaller.org/
2013-01-30 00:59:33
lyndonwong's query:
Jim, actually rogue editing could be very helpful for technical documents, which need constant update and extension.
2013-01-29 03:40:31
lyndonwong's comment:
this appears to be one of the most highly regarded introductions to the Ruby-on-Rails framework. it's sold as a hardcopy or kindle book on Amazon. and it's free on this website.
2013-01-29 03:36:22
lyndonwong's comment:
Kindle book on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ruby-Rails-Tutorial-Addison-Wesley-Professional/dp/0321832051/ref=sr_1_1