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"it will be rational, achieved in the establishment of the truth of concepts or ideas by the methods of argument and the interpretation of experience. " - New Republic
2016-03-30 18:32:13
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Much like what Gadamer says in Truth and Method. Much of what we know results from sensus communis--stuff you understand because you've lived in human communities for a long time.
"The holding, comprised of stock and derivatives," - NYTimes.com
2013-05-14 08:38:46
NewAlbrecht's revision:
The holding, comprising stock and derivatives
"“Are you going to trade the lives of a number of people because you want to preserve your honor?”" - NYTimes.com
2013-03-06 16:50:08
NewAlbrecht's comment:
At least Dick Cheney knows where he stands: a man who traded his honor.
"Critical Differences Belie Hopes for a Grand Bargain" - NYTimes.com
2013-02-22 17:04:59
NewAlbrecht's comment:
I don't accept the "belie" usage here. They're looking for undermine, which is a different word.
"The lawsuit alleges that the Facebook ads "used Facebook members’ names and likenesses to sell products without their consent." (Case in point: Facebook used one member's name and face, without his knowledge, to promote a 55-gallon tube of personal lubricant) Under the terms of the settlement, any current or former Facebook users who had their identities shown in a Sponsored Story ad -- name, nickname, profile picture, photo, etc. -- could be entitled to a check from Facebook."
2013-01-26 05:31:29
lyndonwong's comment:
Lawsuit involving Facebook Sponsored stories. Implications: "The majority of Facebook's U.S. users could get paid: the social network estimated in August of last year that around 125 million users in the United States are eligible for a payout, or nearly three quarters of Facebook members in the U.S. (SocialBakers, a social media analytics company, estimates that Facebook now has over 168 million Facebook users in the U.S.)."
2013-01-26 05:34:00
lyndonwong's comment:
Risks of company culture: "We have a culture that encourages employees to quickly develop and launch new and innovative products. As our business grows and becomes more complex, our cultural emphasis on moving quickly may result in unintended outcomes or decisions that are poorly received by users, developers, or advertisers. Our culture also prioritizes our user engagement over short-term financial results, and we frequently make product decisions that may reduce our short-term revenue or profitability if we believe that the decisions are consistent with our mission and benefit the aggregate user experience and will thereby improve our financial performance over the long term. These decisions may not produce the long-term benefits that we expect, in which case our user growth and engagement, our relationships with developers and advertisers, and our business and results of operations could be harmed."
2013-01-26 05:38:38
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Did everyone in America get an email about this?
"Growth in the average price per ad for the third quarter and the first nine months of 2012 compared to the same periods in 2011 was driven primarily by an increase in price per ad in the United States, which benefited from growth in Sponsored Stories in News Feed across desktop and mobile devices during the second and third quarters of 2012. Sponsored Stories in News Feed have a significantly higher average price per ad due to factors which include the prominent position of the Sponsored Stories."
2013-01-26 05:27:31
lyndonwong's comment:
Highlights role of "Sponsored Story" ad unit in raising overall CPMs. Interestingly, found no mention of FBX.
2013-01-26 05:40:17
NewAlbrecht's comment:
So lyndon, you can already see the product problem: one doesn't really want to use this as a public editing tool, but rather, just as a way to comment. In which case, it's no better than twitter except that you can include a citation, and in that you can see the comments in context on the original site. But that only works if you have a very large audience.
"Marketing function nirvana, certainly when it comes to integrating digital into the organisation properly, is achieved when the function excels at digital but where there is no-one left in the organisation with ‘digital’, ‘e’, ‘online’, ‘internet’, ‘new media’, ‘interactive’ in their job title." - Econsultancy
2013-01-22 05:28:54
lyndonwong's comment:
end state of 21st century marketing function = digital-native.
2013-01-22 18:47:12
NewAlbrecht's comment:
You read some pretty abstruse industry crap, don't you, Lyndon?
2013-01-23 17:03:57
lyndonwong's comment:
LOL :)
2013-01-23 17:15:03
lyndonwong's query:
BTW, Jim, what does the 'query' button do?
2013-01-26 05:37:00
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Idea was that in copy editing you sometimes write a "query" to the author or the main editor in which you ask for a clarification or a change.
"we expect that search engines funded by advertising will attain greater ma"
2013-01-22 18:49:53
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Lyndon, is this a bug or did you submit this with no comment
2013-01-23 17:04:55
lyndonwong's comment:
I deleted a comment here - just exercising the features :-).
"Harland Dorrinson, who has a website." - The New Yorker
2012-11-12 19:05:53
NewAlbrecht's comment:
Good old fashioned New Yorker droll.
"to get everyone engaged and give opportunities to people" - TechCrunch
2012-09-29 06:09:42
dork's revision:
to make bad pr situations worse by saying really awkward things in the press.
2012-10-11 19:55:55
NewAlbrecht's revision:
to run off to Hawaii once it becomes clear how you've pooched the product and squandered your investors' money.
"So symbolic attachment to uneasy, historically contingent compromises, and a half-century of judicial decisions addressing domestic political dissent and countercultural pressures, prevent the U.S. government from restricting the distribution of a video that causes violence abroad and damages America’s reputation. And this is a video that, by the admission of all sides, has no value whatsoever." - Slate Mag
2012-09-27 04:07:12
dork's comment:
how does it \"cause\" violence? Isn\'t that the question itself--whether the speaker of provocation can be blamed for a violent response. And as for the value, I\'m sure that the creators of the video think it has value. So \"all sides\" is just a neat way of marginalizing speech that the mainstream rejects.
2012-09-29 19:30:39
NewAlbrecht's comment:
symbolic attachment, my ass.
"Less Jobs" - Bloomberg
2012-09-20 02:58:18
NewAlbrecht's revision:
Fewer Jobs